About Us

Welcome to SkillMeridianTech

Lucratively delivering end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions with an IP and technology-driven services portfolio, SkillMeridian Tech proffers an assortment of absolute IT Solutions and specialized consultation in IT, Digital Information Services along with HR solutions. It is a startup company based out of Hubli & Bengaluru - the IT hub & was instigated by a team of connoisseurs and professionals united in 2019 with identical vision & mission. The core team’s decades of technology expertise facilitate you in driving the digital transformation of your businesses with our innovative cloud and technology solutions and services. Our assistance will enable your company to holistically outgrow, develop, and enhance productivity and enriches your technical skills & proficiency.

Art Of Coding

Coding is a set of instructions scripted by the Programmers or coders to be followed by an operating system- a computer system, an application or a software program. It is the backbone of all modern technologies, without which a system cannot perform its task.

Clean Design

Clean design typically means uncluttered, straightforward, easy to comprehend, and more “white space.” For some, it means striving for simplicity. For others, it means removing distractions and focusing on the content, the key message, and the most important action.

Amazing Support

Whether it’s for an office layout, a hybrid setup, or for remote functioning, our IT support services are fabricated around your precise business needs. We grow with you as you evolve as a company, ensuring you have the right level of technical support to achieve your commercial goals.

Why People Choose Us?

We have distinctive clientele from existing & new emerging sectors, criticizing the work culture of their contemporary accountants. But we at SkillMeridian Tech are committed to dispensing a high level of professionalized services, assisting responsibly with effective & timely solutions to our every Client. We own a fanatical team working closely to the expectations & requisites of our clients & delivering each assignment adhering to time constraint

One-Stop Internet Solutions Vendor
Skill Meridian is proficient enough to craft resolutions in any vertical whether it is Web Design, Custom Programming, or Complex & Dynamic Website Development employing the latest technology. We provide solutions under one roof to our clients, assisting in attaining their aspirations. We have a technically equipped team to perform every task efficiently to attain the desired outcomes. We are destined to enhance the capabilities of our clients.
Success Rate
Our list of clients defines the successful deliveries of the projects undertaken by us. SkillMeridian Tech has accomplished each assignment passionately & beyond excellence. In a h5 of a very short period, as an outcome of our services, we were able to clutch the pleasant number of clientele. We scale our growth with the growth of our client company & the impact of resolutions provided to them.
Quality Standards
Exercising an identical concept, SkillMeridian Tech sternly adheres to the Quality Standards delineated at the conceptual stage of the company. Before delivery of the assignment, the composed resolution undergoes various testing levels. The functional team has to get their product passed through each level of quality check. The software testing team is accountable to chase arduous parameters scaled. We desperately work harder to achieve excellence & by no means compromise on quality standards.
Happy Client
SkillMerdian entrusts that a happy client will bring more business & prosperity to our organization. Keeping this in view, we always serve our clients beyond their expectations. Exceeding their expectations has helped us to retain clients & generate more business from them. Testimonies of our contemporary clients have attracted more clientele for SkillMeridian.
Professional Advisors
Deeply skilled in all aspects of current and emerging technologies, our team experts advise and work with you to ensure every application and service can be deployed and managed where it makes the most sense. With our exclusive tools and assets, you can accelerate the movement of your IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. We’ll work with you to incorporate intelligent insights, automation, and integration of the latest technologies
Deliver Maximum Value
SkillMeridian Tech is where innovation and transformation come together. Our methodology is the sum of design thinking, industry expertise, and market research, paired with cutting-edge technology, data, and agile development methodologies.